Official poster for COFO22 World Forest Week/FAO Forestry23/27 June 2014 - Rome

The Committee on Forestry is the highest FAO Forestry statutory body. The biennial sessions of COFO bring together heads of forest services and other senior government officials to identify emerging policy and technical issues, to seek solutions and to advise FAO and others on appropriate action.
13th Lug 201415:5738 note
"Pietre miliari"
Peanuts on the beach
Riccardo Guasco 2014 (on holiday)
10th Lug 201414:2215 note
"piedi nudi"
pencil and watercolor on paper.
Riccardo Guasco 2014
5th Lug 201414:4527 note
"Last standing man"
Illustration for Cyclist Mag 
Riccardo Guasco 2014
3rd Lug 201418:1934 note

Istantanee da un (better) workshop romano.

Digital Illustration
Client: TIM  
Agency: The Brand Shop
Riccardo Guasco 2014
2nd Lug 201409:2222 note
Acrylic on canvas 200x100
Riccardo Guasco 2014
30th Giu 201416:1828 note
Nude Sketch
Riccardo Guasco 2014
27th Giu 201419:0737 note
Poster Exhibition @Serravalle Design Outlet.
within the “Vintage Fashion festival”
21/06 - 29/06
Riccardo Guasco 2014 info
13th Giu 201415:0817 note
"uomini e cani"
Riccardo Guasco 2014
print on paper at inchiostrofestival
11th Giu 201418:1131 note
"Last standing man"
Illustration for Cyclist Mag 
Riccardo Guasco 2014
4th Giu 201409:0329 note
guest in streaming conference to “illustrameeting 2014 - illustration and advertising for interest and love” 
Friday, May 30 - Palermo @via della ferrovia a San Lorenzo
26th Maggio 201417:2924 note
"the birth of the swan"
Acrylic on paper
Riccardo Guasco 2014
26th Maggio 201416:2546 note
"The Choice"
Poster selected for the 4° edition of the POSTERHEROES 2014/systemic food organized by PLUG!

"Pussy Riot Sketch"
digital sketch
Riccardo Guasco 2012

Opaque  by  andbamnan